Wynonna Judd Gets Invited To The Show But When He Sings ‘Psalm 151, ′ I Can’t Hold My Tears Back!


After the termination of the 211th episode of Touched by an Angel in 2003, many people were yearning to see Monica (now promoted) and her loving master Tess again.

Because it was very much loved worldwide, people still find passion in watching the repeats that are aired on different channels.

Actually, the episodes related the story of how Monica was able to make God’s love spread all over in the world for the needy people and how it boomed between them. Of all the episodes that were really interesting, the 100th one that was released in 1998, was definitely one of them. This is where the invited Wynonna Judd, a famous star, makes an appearance so that the story could achieve a sentimental ending.

This boy who had a little time left to live because of a dangerous disease, was looking for a way that he could make his mother and friend’s wish come true

the role of Monica in the episode was to ensure that the little boy accomplished his wish before dying. The wish of the kid was to see that his mom finishes the song she was writing since he was still unborn.

Another famous star that made an appearance in the episode as a distinguished guest was Celine Dion. What marked this episode to be the best of all is when Wynonna Judd sings “Psalm 151” together with the choir.

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