Von Miller Can Do More Than Football – Watch What He Did On Stage. Unbelievable!


Something happened on Monday on Dancing With The Stars, and it’s got everyone talking. It’s about this talented Super Bowl player that tried his hand in singing and dancing in the competition. Nobody expected this!

Von Miller is the linebacker for the Denver Broncos, but that’s not the only thing he’s good at. When Miller hit the stage with hispartner, Lindsay Arnold, he had the audience on the leash immediately he started moving his hips. The two went ahead to perform to “Hips,” by Bean & Fatback. It’s okay to say that every moment of that great performance was nothing short of epic!

The guy from Texas had quite an easy time doing his thing on-stage. He moves, turns and rocks in the way of a talented dancer. At the 1:29 mark, he’s going to do something that’ll have you sliding off the seat. Look out! In the end, the dancers get 29 out of 40 points. You should hear what the Judges have to say!

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