They’re Calling It A Thanksgiving Miracle, And You Want To Know About It. I believe!


Something really strange happened at the Mt.Sinai Hospital, and everyone has believed it to be a miracle. This has never happened before!

It all started with Jocelyn Robinson’s rush to the hospital after she started having some complications with her pregnancy. On arrival, the doctors set about running tests and attending to her, only for them to ran an ultrasound and find the baby dead. Dr. Simpson had to break the news to Jocelyn, who could do little expect cry for her lost child. The dad, Ignacio Guzman, wasdevastated. He cried.

So the doctors forgot about the dead child and concentrated on saving the mother, and then they heard something. Was that a gasp?

The doctor quickly notified the nurse, who rushed to the baby and found him alive. Noah was alive!

Doctors have declared this incident a Thanksgiving miracle, because no one really understands what happened. This video is a special one in every respect, and you’ll want to watch it and get the whole story.

Check it out and wonder, then drop us a comment and SHARE this news of a miracle with everyone you know!

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