These Teens Just Lost A Friend To An Accident, And This Cop Does This To Them… Great!


There are those times when you’re feeling so down or grieving a loss, and then something happens and turns the mood into a bittersweet experience. It happened to these teens.

On New Year’s Even of 2015, a 17-year-old teenager passed away.  The teen, who hailed from Rockland, MA, was known and very loved within the town. His friends and family were devastated by the loss, and so was another person.

So here are 22 teens, who just lost their good friend, Patrick Sullivan. Sullivan lost his life in a car accident. As they mourned their loss, they decided to pop into a local restaurant to get some food, and that’s when this cop did his thing.

Sgt. Greg Pigeon knew Sullivan. He had studied in the same high school as the teen during his school days, so he had every right to feel affected by the teen’s tragic death. Besides, serving in the police force since 1999 had taught Greg lots of stuff. He felt the loss too, so he decided to do what he could. He picked up the $400 tab covering the 22 teens’ food and slid out of the restaurant unnoticed. He had no use for any publicity.

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