Something Happened At The Smithsonian’s National Air And Space Museum, And It’s Going To Leave You In Chills. Lovely!


Everything was all well and normal at the Smithsonian’s National Air And Space Museum, but that’s before 100 people decided to turns things around and draw a crowd.

It all starts when one airwoman emerges from a crowdworking up a tune, and that brings a crowd around her as more of her group joins in. By all accounts, 2014 was great year for the museum, and this incident only made it even better.

Talk about 100 airmen and omen from the US Air Force Band wows the crowdwith an incredibly cool flash mob. They even go ahead and include some really lovely and very popular tunes, and you can be sure to feel the real chills as themob fills the museum with the great voices and the beautiful beats from their instruments. Just imagine how it could be like being there, and what you feel is a real emotion. You would love that.

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