When He Received The Special Jacket, He Could Not Hold His Tears Any longer…


The 2007 combat in Afghanistan led to the death of one Green Beret by the name, Jeff Kettle. He left behind a son aged 15 months and his wife.

As we speak, Logan Kettle, his son is 9 years of age and is discovering the things his dad did for our nation. All he wishes to have is the jacket which is dad used to wear as a uniform. It had strangely disappeared when he died. When Clay Kettle, his uncle learnt about the request, he decided to take a step.

By using his brother’s pictures and service record, he was able to come up with a similar jacket. Little Logan wanted to remember his father and the present was the perfect gift he had ever received. Immediately he received the jacket, he requested to put it on and he couldn’t resist tears rolling down her cheeks.

He had never known what it feels like to have a dad but for him, on thing was sure – his dad was the greater compared to dads of his classmates.

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