This Puppy Was Locked In A Box And Left To Die,What The Firefighter Does Is So Touching!


O Henry was very right when he said that it is not accidental to make friendship.

It is very sad to know that people abandon their pet animals on a daily basis. From one research that was carried out by the American Humane Association, it showed that of the 7.6 million dogs and cats that are taken to animal sanctuaries yearly, only a very small figure is actually taken by their owners. The majority of these animals are rescued from the streets.

The video below was filmed by a student of Riverside Christian College. It starts when a firefighter who is in the woods finds a box. From the interior of the box, there are noises of an animal crying softly. His life comes to a turning point when he opens the box to see what is inside.

The rest was a turning point for the two.

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