Peacock Decides To Show Off In Style. It’s Glorious To Watch This!


There are three types of peacocks. There is the regular colored tail peacock -this is the most common type of peacock. Then there is the white peacock, which most people confuse with the albino peacock. Then there is the albino peacock. The albino peacock differs from the white peacock because it has red eyes instead of the colored eyes.

The peacock is the male of the peafowl species, while the female is referred to as a peahen. Both the peacock and peahen do showoff their magnificent tails but for different reasons. The male does it when courting the female while the female does it when protecting its territory from trespassers.In the video below, we see the white peahen showing off its beautiful tail after see someone trespassing what it considers its territory.

It is a show of aggression and defense but all we see is beauty in it. It is so magnificent that some people keep them mainly for the beauty of their tails, rather than as a source of protein.

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