Owner Introduces His Dog To A Big Gorilla, The Result… What A Relationship!


This time round, the owners of a dog called Maymo, came home with something that could scare the hell out of Maymo or turn him to be his best friend. That something was a huge gorilla.

The first reaction of Maymo when he saw the gorilla was to get nervous, but at the same time interested with his new buddy.

For those who think that was going to be a fight between these two animals, they are absolutely wrong, as Maymo became very interested with the gorilla and started to wag his tail. In a short time, he had created friendship with the gorilla. He gave the primate a kiss before showing her around, taking her for some meals, plating scrabble, and taking a walk at the park. In short, the two created a bond between them that is very strong.

And if you are for a surprise, then watch the video below, and towards the end, you will not help smiling of this relationship.

Their love relationship has surely hit the internet with a bang. Watch the video below and make sure to SHARE it with all your friends on Facebook, for them to have a smile too!

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