She Never Expected A Surprise From Her Teen Daughter, But Ellen Had The Greatest Of All!


The greatest nightmare of any family is when both mom and dad loses their jobs.  This is especially if the family has three kids that depend solely on their parents for all their needs. That is what happened to one couple, but they just refused to give up on a better future.

Suzie and her husband Chris decided not to reveal to their kids the bad news. They just decided to play it cool so that the kids could not guess.

A few months of coping with it, the couple was invited to Ellen’s Show where the host decided to surprise them with a brand-new car. The couple however donated their old car to charity almost immediately in order to bless other people like they had been blessed.

Months later, Suzie was invited back to the show. A surprise would follow because apart from talking to her on-air, which she expected, her daughter had a surprise too. She had recorded a special interview where she recorded endless praises to her mom.  This was coupled with a surprise house makeover.

She was simply the best mom in the world!

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