She Never Expected Such A Shocker While Taking Her Birthday Lunch. You Can’t Miss!


This was just a birthday lunch for mom that turned out to be a huge birthday surprise for her. Watching as the whole thing unfolded is so interesting that I can only imagine how I would feel if it happened to me. Seeing my daughter or son show up when I thought they are thousands of miles away.

Mom was looking at the menu, trying to find something delicious that she had not taken for a while, when the least expected person delivered water to their table. This was none other than her daughter who is serving in the army.

When mom realizes it’s her daughter who is serving them, she jumps on her feet to hug her. This was just something she did not expect, her daughter was supposed to be on deployment. Mom’s friend, who was in the loop of what was going on, was pretending to be texting her daughter. In reality, she was filming the whole surprise.

Military homecomings are really emotional for many families. Take a moment to watch this surprise for mom.  There is nothing as wonderful as a family member coming home unexpectedly so that you can have a wonderful time together.

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