Mothers Team Up To Sing “Mommy Rhapsody,” During Mother’s Day. It’s So Funny!


Age and gender are never a limit for anyone determined to do something. This is the mentality of a group of musical mothers who seem to be on a mission.On this day, they were ready to perform “Mommy Rhapsody,” a Queen’s rock ‘n’ roll classic, on a Sunday. The song is about a house wife who is making fun of the best songs of all the time. These women started the 2010 Mother’s Day service at a Church within Tulsa, Oklahoma.

It was after watching the clip below I discovered the special message they had for their listeners. We always take our moms for granted and hopefully we will change that mindset once we listen to the message contained in the lyrics.

Watch the clip below to see the amazing performance of these moms. Please SHARE this clip with all your friends on Facebook!

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