Lucky Wife Gets The Surprise Of Her Life From The Bank. Thank You!


Have you ever been thanked?

The simples of “thank you” canmake a great difference in a person’s life. It makes them realize that they’re doing thing right,and that there’s someone out there who appreciates them. That’s what this bank aimed for, and it got so many people happy!

It’s about this cool campaign started by the TD Bank in 2016. Hash-tagged #TDThanksYou Campaign, it has been about thanking the bank’s customers for their loyalty and grace. One Linda was among the lucky, and she’ll never forget it!

Linda has never really had a break from her daily care-giving routine. Her husband suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. One day, she walked into a TD Bank branch, and her life changed forever. As she approached the teller, something printed out, and what happened next is the best thing that can happen to such a deserving human. You’ll want to see this!

Linda got her break at last, along with millions of other lucky customers with TD Thank Accounts. This is just amazing, and it’s deeply touching. Check out the full video and be sure to SHARE this with all your buddies on Facebook.

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