They Knew Horse Was About To Give Birth, But Never Expected This Kind Of Miracle…


Students at a college in Oregon were treated to a rare spectacle when a horse delivered twin foals. The vet students were expecting a normal birth when it happened. The doctor said that in his 30 years of practice, he had never seen a horse deliver twins, alive! Statistically, it is only bound to happen ones per 10,000, and such twins are only likely to survive ones per 15,000 the first few weeks.

The two twins, named Macha and Cuppaccino, were males. They were unable to receive nourishment from their mother after birth. The hospital therefore provided them with antibiotics, plasma, and TLC in plenty. The animals are receiving a 24-hour care and feeding from veterinary students on internship and externship.

Cuppaccino was the healthier of the two and was quite adventurous and frisky. Macha on the other hand has had to receive bandaging to help him heal from angular deformity of the limb. The doctor says although he will always be the smaller of the two,he still has a bright future with the good care he is receiving.

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