Here’s The Japanese School Lunch That’s Got The Internet Buzzing. Let’s Learn!


How well can you cook? Do you eat healthy foods? How good are your serving skills? Before you answer all that, just have a good look at this video. You’ll get your answers here!

It all started as a lunch break slated for a45-minute period in a Japanese school. The eventquickly turned into a lesson where some students prepared lunch for their fellow students. They observed all hygienic standards and served a very healthy meal complete with soups and vegetables. In fact, they had grownall these foods themselves. You’ll love this!

The video has spared widespread concern over the kind of knowledge and expertise the Japanese students displayed as compared to what’s happening in America. People have started questioning some of the loweating standards in American schools, and that can’t be a bad thing.

Watch the full clip and witness these young Asians as they showcase their great culinary skills, and you’re sure to love what they do. Do you think American schools should adapt the same? Drop us a comment and also SHARE the clip with all your friends on Facebook.

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