Here’s The 13-Year-Old That Took On A Multi-Octave Hit And Made The Judges Drool!


13-year-old Laura Bretan is a normal opera diva until she decides to introduce her real colors. She did that on America’s Got talent, and the internet got broken!

It all happened during the competition’s quarter-final run in 2016. When Laura stepped onto that stage, not even the judges expected her to make anyone’s eyes pop out, but that was an opinion to be trashed when the young lady started a thing with her captivating voice!

Laura decided to take on one of the most difficult songs to perform, a song with multiple octaves. It’s called “The Prayer,” a hit that bagged the Golden Globe prize for the “Best Original Song” in 1999. Wow!

Watch this, and by the time she’s through, you’ll all be agreement with the judges that this lady here is one heck of a star.

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