Group Performs A Dance That Leaves The Crowd Crazy! Got To See This!


This year’s World of Dance Finals in Los Angeles, was taken to another level by a dancing group by the name of KyushudanjiShinsengumi. In the following video, we clearly see as this team of males swagger onstage in total confidence and offering an excellent action to the spectators that go crazy as every second passes. The Report from YouTube stated that the competition Kyushudanji Shinsengumi were declared winners in the youth section at the competition.

Information from the World of Dance site, has it that this LA finals were conducted on the 16th of August when there was a worldwide gathering of more than 100,000 dancers and fans. It was the year that the Company ever held the first competition of World Finals. The next venues where these event will take place, as per the tour information are: Denmark, San Diego, Moscow, and Hawaii.

Very little is known of this winner dancing group KyushudanjiShinsengumi, although some video that was posted on Facebook, World of Dance says that the dance group came all the way from Japan to participate at the finals. The site of the World of Dance revealed that the group got a trophy and $500 for being the first in the youth section.

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