Grandma Never Expected Her Granddaughter To Wear Her Prom Dress… This Completely Floored Her!


March 19, 2015 Videos


Prom is such a monumental occasion. It means a lot to one’s life since he or she is moving from one stage to another in that magical Spring evening.

I remember, my prom was not the best. I was teamed up with one awkward boy whose name was either PJ or BJ- that is enough to tell you the kind of person I’m speaking about. Though that was the case, it never failed to have some good share of excitement. For instance, I remember his exciting dancing and the way he kicked traffic cones. On top of that, I also remember the way my dress looked, it was one dusty pink and black Max Azria with some asymmetrical black and hem gauze on its shoulder.

Obviously, most girls have a special connection with their prom dresses than the day’s happenings. For instance, one girl who was a victim of bullies ended up becoming famous for the dress she had put on. The teen you are about to meet was never a victim of bullies but made a special choice when picking her dress.

Cassie, was given a dress by her grandma, Dottie. That was the same dress Dottie had used during her prom and never expected her granddaughter could keep it. Cassie kept it and decided to use it during her prom night. You have to watch this to see how her grandmother reacted upon seeing her in it.

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