He Got Shot In A School Shooting, And His Community Did This At His Funeral… Perfect!


There was a mindless shooting at an elementary school in South Carolina, and a little superhero was hurt. Jacob Hall was just 6 when the madman’s bullet got him in the artery. The innocent little one had very slim chances of survival. Jacob passed away on a grim Saturday. But that’s not the end of it!

Jacob loved superheroes. In fact, the little kid always wanted to become one when he grew up. But now that his life has been cut short, his mom thought she could help him fulfill his wish even in the after-life. She requested everyone attending the funeral to come dressed as superheroes. The scene was great!

People travelled from far and wide to come bid farewell to little Jacob. Everyone, including his school friends and neighbors, was dressed in their best superhero attire. The little kid was also sent off in his favorite Batman costume. That’s lovely too.

This young life was cut short because of the mindless violence spread across the world, but his people didn’t let him down. Jacob will be a superhero for eternity. Please watch and SHARE this story on Facebook.

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