She Goes On Stage, But When She Starts To Perform, Something Happens To The Judges …


Were you nervous about secondary school or about who you are going to become friends with when you were aged 14 years? You possibly might have these feelings. At 14, you probably used your time after school to do some sports practice activities or to do your class assignment. For children of that age bracket, that is their routine. Sofie Doss is different from other teenagers.

After going to school, coming back home and doing her, Sofie does something that many teenagers cannot do during their free time. Sofie watched a video that awakened her and went ahead to tell her parents about it, and they supported her. Sofie’s father assists her in making the structures that she requires when doing her unusual hobby.

America’s Got Talent judges were surprised when Sofie came on stage and told them what she wanted to perform. They did not believe that a little girl of her age would do what she wanted to do.  Just when she begins to act is when it occurs to the judges that she has got the talent, and Sofie is an expert in what she is doing.

The judges are left with no word as the audience bows for her. She is very talented. You have to watch this young and SHARE the video with your friends on Facebook!

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