Fed-Up Teacher Decides To Write A Resignation Letter. So Human!


Teachers are the people who actually know what their students go through every day. A teacher will always keep an eye on every kid in their class and notice every change in behaviors and class performance. They know just what these kids need to succeed. Wendy Bradshaw knows something too!

Wendy, a trained special education teacher, had been teaching for 7 years. However, she wasn’t happy about how the school management treated the students. She wasn’t comfortable about how the kids lived and how this retrogressive system affected their daily lives. She noticed that most of the kids had grown withdrawn and couldn’t even make friends at school. Some of the kids didn’t even know their classmates’ names – All this because of a school system that was pressuring the little ones too much. Wendy couldn’t take that!

At one point, the big-hearted teacher decided to take action. Wendy wasn’t going to be part of a schooling system that was hurting the kids. She penned her resignation letter that quickly went viral. It’s sensational and to the point. You’ll want to check out this clip and learn more about this. People need to know this. Don’t forget to SHARE on Facebook!

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