Father Promises To End Bullying In The World After Losing His 11-Year-Old Son. What He’s Does? So Touching!


A dad from Oklahoma, named Kirk Smalley, has narrated numerously the terrible experience of how his son of 11 years died. Kirk Smalley, who is a construction worker was depressed when TY, his 11 years old son killed himself. The reason behind Ty taking his own life is that he had been constantly bullied all his life. He ceased to breath a week before he would finish the sixth grade, in 2010.

With a bitter experience, he never let that go like that but decided to something to honor his dead son. He confessed that on the father’s day, exactly a month and seven days after his son’s death, he made a vow to his son. The promise was that he was going to end bullying in the world. TY’s parents started going on trips 300 days a year to give lectures about the effects of bullying.

Kirk and his wife never charged anything for the speech they delivered on different schools all over the nation.  They actually were using their savings to spread the news everywhere. His organization named Stand For The Silent has spread the gospel to more than 700,000 students all over the country. Good news is that he promised to end bullying and as it is turning out, he is not going to stop trying.

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