Dog Waddles over His Sleeping Buddies and Displays an Incredible Trick- This is Exciting!


We have that crazy friend who will want a few individualsto lie down,and he attempts tohurdle them. Well, meet a dog that is crazier and cuter than that friend.

The dog is standing on his hind legs. Imagine a situation where your dog wants a piece of chicken from you, and he adopts that posture on your dining table.

The talented dog walks on his hind legs and tactfully jumps over his three sleeping friends.  The sleeping dogs appearunbothered by the dog’s antics.

Did you know you can train a dog to stand on its hind legs? It takes a lot of training, patience, and encouragement.

Watch the video and see the mischievous dog in action. What tricks have you taught your dog? Let us know in the comments section.

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