This Dog-Owner Re-Union Is So Emotional That’s It’s Making People Weep. I’m Touched!


If you’re a pet-lover and has ever lost your pet, you very well know how it feels to finally have them back home. Losing a pet leaves you with a hollow heart. Getting them back makes you love them even more. The human in this video had a really huge soft spot for this canine!

When this dog went missing, the owner searched for him everywhere. Time went by without any news about the poor dog. After a whole 2 years of searching and anticipating, the two are now back together, all thanks to the chip embedded in the dog. You see, it’s cool to microchip your dog. That’s how the rescuers would know the pet is yours and contact you in case they ran into the animal.

Watch the emotional re-union here and SHARE with all the pet-lovers you know!

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