He Decides To Cut A Strange Shell, What Swims Out Will Drop Your Jaw!


I was a fun of the funny little animals that live under the sea. At least in the way they were portrayed in cartoons. Now am not so sure. The sea seems to be full of strange creatures. Take the example of an octopus that can walk on land, makes you wonder what it will do to you at the beach. Maybe am just paranoid!

There are people who love to see all kinds of sea creatures around them. The man in the video below is a great example. You should be careful however if you choose to do the same thing. Having an indoor aquarium requires one to be responsibility. The fish and other sea creatures need the aquarium to be cleaned and refreshed regularly due to its small size.

Then you have to ensure they are well fed, otherwise they may turn on each other for their next meal! Yes, big fish eat small fish. In the video below, it seems man is trying to cut what looks like a brown turtle shell. Actually, this is the egg shell of a Brownbanded Bamboo Shark. Inside it is a trapped shark that swims out as soon as it’s freed. This breed of shark has trouble most of the time getting out of their egg shells.

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