Cutting Her Hair Is Something She Never Wanted To Do. Then One Discovery Changed It All!


Charity, a mother of four healthy boys, has never cut her hair. Her long locks cause a problem as an effortful woman. Her hair gets trapped in everything, from seat belts to food. Her strands do not spare even the school lunches.

Even if many people admire and comment on Charity’s hair, it acts as a shelter and keeps her from feeling like the sexy and tough woman she wishes to be. She is small and stands at 4’11, but her hair is three feet long.  When she takes her children out in public, everyone thinks charity is their sister, and that she is more like a 14-year-old than 34.

When her boys told her it is time to cut her hair, she eventually decided to take the action. While holding back her tears, Charity says she sees herself, and she doesn’t want to be the little girl anymore. She continues to say that she looks the same as when she was 18 years and wants people to look at her and say, ‘Yea that’s a woman.’

You should be ready to be surprised by this mom’s change, courtesy of Rachael Ray. It is one of the unique makeovers, and no one ought to have it more than Charity.

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