Couple Buys A Desk On Craigslist, Then Find This When They Open The Cabinets… Unbelievable!


One woman from Connecticut was in need of a desk and visited Stables and got one. After using it for a few years, she decided to sell it. Noah Muroff together with his wife saw the desk on sale on Craigslist and bought it. It cost them $150 and the transaction was finalized.

When they took it home, they had problems fitting in their room. That is when they decided to take it apart so that it can fit it. After removing the filling cabinets, Noah spotted a plastic bag. The first one had $100 and when he checked, there were more stacks in it. The total amount reached $98,000.

It is something they could not have discovered if they had not taken out the drawers. Since they knew it was wrong to keep the money, they decided to call the seller. That is how they learnt that the money was her inheritance which she couldn’t trace where she had placed it.

As a religious leader, Muroff and his wife know what it means to be honest. Please watch the clip below to see the note the woman wrote to thank them for their deeds. This shows that good people do exist in this world.

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