They Couldn’t Believe The Powerhouse Voice Belonged To Him, Their Reaction Killed It Off!


During the blind audition of the 2011 edition of ‘The Voice Holland’, one singer stole the show. I have never seen a singer make all the judges pay attention from the beginning of the performance to the end of it as they did in this one.

When Charlie Luske took the stage with the song by James Brown; ‘It’s A Man’s Man’sMan’s World the judges were seen to turn their chairs just to get a chance to get a glimpse of the person behind such a powerful voice. It seemed to be the quickest endorsement of the judges of any performer in the history of this event.

Luske’s seem to have benefitted from his dad’s suggestion to pursue classical music lessons when he was 12. His efforts were finally bearing fruit. He also must have won the hearts of the judges because of the ease with which he performed this task.

At the end of his allocated slot one of the judges is seen sanding up and bowing down as a sign of how high standard he had set in the show.

He is now a family man; married with two sons. He is proud of his family.

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