Connie Talbot Steps Onstage Sing ‘When A Child Is Born,’ The Result? So Emotional!


It was on Britain’s Got Talent that Connie became famous after performing.

What helps her become a famous music star in a very short time is the sense of humor that she has and above all the inborn talent she possesses.

One thing that makes people not to resist her performance is that she has a natural and angelic voice in that she doesn’t need no help of computers and other equipment to make it sound well, like most of other musicians do!

In the clip below, we witness her wonderful performance, when he was only eight years of age. The way she composes herself from the beginning to the end of the performance, you would think that she has been in the music industry for a long time, perhaps more than 10 years yet she is not yet a decade old.

Her performance really touches many souls as it can be seen at the 2:14 mark when her grandmother shed tears. To me, this little girl will end up becoming a famous star in the music world if she continues this way.

In the clip below, we see her perform in the presence of two Marines. This was the time when there was a fundraising for the marvelous Toys for Tots program. She just touched me to see her performing for such a generous cause!

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