She Was Chained And Given A Bowl To Feed From For 9 Years. Watch Who Rescues Her…


Jessica Met Edith the dog 9 years ago. She was chained and left in a dirty environment without anyone to give her a birth or toys to play with. She also had to feed from the same dirty bowl every day. That is when Jessica together with other activities thought of doing something important and helpful. They started to come and give Edith a bath, some nice food, and a belly rub. They also provided her with some toys to play with, a doghouse to live in, and a lot of affection.

Then when 2014 came, Jessica was moved to someplace else and Jessica was not informed of the new location. It took two years before she was located by an animal activist group. Jessica went to visit her and Edith immediately recognized Jessica. She even gave her a belly up to get the “belly rubs” she enjoyed so much.

The in 2016, after years of being neglected, the owners of this dog decided to give her to Jessica. They were moving to some place else and did not want to take her with them. Watch the video to see how this changed this dog’s life.

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