His Canines Misbehaved. Now Watch Their Reactions When He Asks The Question – OMG!


One day, Etienne Harris came in to find his sweatpants all chewed up. When he arrived, his two dogs leaped forth to greet him. He petted them and had a little chat with them, and then he changed the tone and asked them about the sweatpants. Do did this?

Now, a guilty dog is one dog that won’t hide it. They’ll have their ears drooped and tails tucked. They won’t even want to keep eye contact. With that in mind, you can tell who chewed Etienne’s sweatpants. Just look at Missy!

But it’s the two dogs’ reactions will really capture you. When the guy calls them, they come running, but the mood suddenly changes when he starts “grilling” them about the pants. They just turn and ran out!

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