This Bull Is Freed For The First Time From Chains, Now Look What He Does… So Touching!


Some people have no feelings, like these ones who had chained a bull by the name of Bandit for all his life.

As you can witness in the clip below, Bandit practically did a dance which we can term to be a freedom dance, when the chains that were tying him were broken loose. His dance was a sign of saying thanks to Christian from the sanctuary Gut Aiderbichl. This sanctuary has more than 500 bulls, calves and cows that have been rescued.

This huge creature is so excited to be free and he decided to run around the sanctuary and charges against some hay which is in his new home. It is without doubt that he is happy to be a free animal. To be grateful to Christian, Bandit nears him and rubs his head gently on his chest. What an emotional and wonderful moment!

Gut Aiderbichl sanctuary is a home for animals that have been saved from being killed for meat, neglected and mistreated. Don’t you think this organization is doing the right thing? Let us know by commenting below!

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