Baby Elephant Gets Stuck In A Shallow Hole, Now See What His Mom Has To Do To Save Him, So Interesting!


If you ever thought that kittens are the ones who like playing around, then you are wrong as baby elephants do play a lot too. Apart from them being playful, they are crazy creatures who are very awkward. For this reason, they are loved by many people. In the clip below, we witness a baby elephant who had fallen into a watering hole. Although the watering hole is not deep, this little elephant can’t manage to get himself out of it so that he can be beside his mother.

On seeing that her baby was struggling to get out of the watering hole but not managing, she decided to intervene so as to give some help. In the animal world, the elephants are known to be clever animals who go to the extent of mourning for their dead ones.

Watch the clip below to see how mother elephant uses all the methods to make sure that her son is out of the hole. She uses her trunk, legs, knees and everything else to rescue her little one. It is not an easy work to save her son since the little elephant is slippery, hence becoming difficult to save him.

Finally, the mother is helped with the rest of the herd to take her little one of the hole. Watch the clip to see how happy the baby becomes to be once again near his mother.

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