While Away, This Marine Missed His Cute Girlfriend, Then Did This To Surprise Her…


Carson Ketrow serves in the US Marines, and he has been in deployment in Afghanistan. For many months, Ketrow has missed his girlfriend. He would give anything just to go home and see her. He loves her very much, and that may as well be the reason why fate has decided to smile upon him. He has been given a time-off much earlier than he had anticipated!

As a really nice and charming guy, Ketrow knew exactly what to do. He wanted to surprise his girlfriend, so he told her he’s still in deployment. All this while, the smart guy was just a few states away, travelling to see her!

By the time he arrived, she was at the movie theatre. Well, the gentleman knows how to treat a lady, so he went out and bought a really appealing bouquet of 12 red roses, and then he walked to the parking lot at the theatre and waited for her to show up. What love!

So the movie ended, and people started walking out. Then she appeared, and there he was, all handsome and roses with in his hand. You’ve to see this and watch her reaction!

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