These 24 Ducks Are Swimming For The Very First Time… It’s A Wonderful Moment!


If I was to understand the duck language, I would have told you all that these 24 ducks felt when they were freed from the cages where they lived. This rescue was conducted by The Woodstock Sanctuary in upstate New York.

Their pens were located in a very dirty and smelly little house infested with frostbite that had no optimum condition for them to live there. Luckily for the ducks, a judge and the Ulster County SPCA, issued a warrant for the birds to be taken to the sanctuary. In 2012, the birds were taken care of after taking about a years and a half of struggle to free them.

Ontheir very first day to the waters, they were terrified to have a swim. Apart from that, they never had seen grass of basked in the sunlight. It was such a funny and wonderful moment to remember when they finally plunged into the water. The clip has made very many viewers to raise the question as to why the ducks were never shown the pond and had to find it for themselves. The response Woodstock Sanctuary gave was that it was very vital to allow the rescued ducks to get familiar with the other ducks because finally they will be all be living in collective to secure them from the predators who hunt at night. Another thing for letting them get to the water alone was that it would be easy to separate them when need arises.

Watch the clip below to see how the ducks are very much happy and the excitement they have in sun basking, swimming, and safe place to live in.

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